Find the Right Devices’ Drivers for Windows

Find the Right Devices’ Drivers for Windows – If Windows does not find a driver, the result is that a program or device is not working properly. Use the DriverEasy program to easily find a solution for this.Find the Right Drivers for Windows

You buy a new PC, but of course you want to continue using your current printer or other peripherals. Sometimes that is no problem at all. Just reconnect and everything works as usual. But in other cases the equipment no longer wants to work. Don’t give up right away! There are various solutions that you can try out.

In those articles you can read about the importance of drivers, among other things. These are programs that determine how Windows handles a device. And it can be difficult to find the right driver. You can let Windows do it or try it yourself. But there is another option: the free DriverEasy program. You install it and the program scans your PC for existing devices and drivers. After the scan, DriverEasy will indicate which drivers are outdated and which are missing. You will then be given the opportunity to update and install all drivers. If DriverEasy cannot help you, you must conclude that your device really no longer works on your new system.

Please note: we only recommend DriverEasy for users who know how to install a program. The free version of DriverEasy scans your system and downloads the latest drivers for you, but you must install them yourself. If you do not know exactly how that works, do not use the program.

Download Drivers and Use

Download DriverEasy by clicking on this link: download DriverEasy. A bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Click Run. Do you see the ‘User account management’ window? Then click on Yes. You can then select a language. The default language is ‘Dutch’. If this is not the case, click on the indicated language and then click on Dutch. Then click OK. The download starts. Continue to install the program as usual.

After installation you start the program. Click the Scan now button. DriverEasy now checks your computer for existing drivers. That takes some time. After the scan is complete, you will see the number of outdated and missing drivers on the left. You can now download these drivers (one by one). Downloading takes a lot of time, so keep that in mind. The paid version of the program works faster, but since you use this program very little, we do not recommend a purchase.

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