How to Fix HP Printer doesn’t Print

How to Fix HP Printer doesn’t Print – Especially in the office or as a student you have to print a lot and often. However, if your HP printer does not print, it may be because your printer is not properly connected to the PC. In this practical tip, we will show you how to combat this problem and possible other causes.

Steps How to Fix HP Printer doesn’t Print

Typically, an error with your HP printer can be fixed with ease. We show you how to proceed.
1. First step how to fix HP printer doesn’t print, make sure the printer is properly connected to the PC. Otherwise it can not communicate with the PC and receive no orders.
2. Open the Control Panel and select the item “Printer”. Search for the HP printer. This must have the status “ready”. However, if there is “Offline” or the printer is missing, there may be a connection error.
3. For the printer to be marked as Ready, it must be turned on and properly connected to the PC. If you have connected the printer to the PC via USB, make sure the cable is properly connected and intact. Once the cable has a defect or is brittle, you should replace it.
4. You should also try a different USB port on your PC.
5. Replacing the ink cartridges can also help. Many printers refuse further jobs as soon as a cartridge is empty.

Other Solutions How to Fix HP Printer doesn’t Print

1. If the printer is connected to the PC via Wi-Fi, the Wi-Fi feature on the printer must be turned on. In addition, you must connect the printer to the PC. You can find a Wi-Fi connection tool on the official website of HP printer.
2. You will also get the drivers you need to make the printer work on your PC.
3. In many cases, a quick and inconspicuous restart of the printer will help. Alternatively, you can disconnect it for about ten seconds.
4. If you have further questions or problems, contact HP Customer Care.
5. There may be a major defect and you must replace the device.

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