How to Fix Printer Prints Slow

How to fix printer prints slow – If your printer is slow, this problem can be solved in a few simple steps. This may be due to clogged nozzles or an outdated driver. Suggested solutions for these errors can be overcome with the following to fix printer prints slow

Steps How to Fix Printer Prints Slow

The following steps is how to fix printer prints slow then your printer should work properly again quickly.

1. There may be dust or dirt inside the printer. If this is the case, remove it carefully but thoroughly.
2. For the printer to print properly, you need the latest printer driver. You can simply download and install it from the manufacturer’s website.
3. Some printers will experience problems if you are not using original cartridges. These can clog the nozzles and slow the printer down. Use only the original cartridge from the manufacturer.
4. Try unplugging the printer for about 10 seconds. This also often solves problems.
5. You can also try to uninstall the printer using Control Panel> Devices and Printers, and then reinstall it.
6. In some cases, there is also an error in the printer software. Therefore, you should reset the printer.
7. For most printers, you can do this directly on the device through the settings. See the manual for more information of how to fix printer prints slow.

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