How to Improve the Print Quality

How to Improve the Print Quality – After using the printer for some times and the printer has printed hundreds pieces of papers the quality of the print result as well as the printer’s performance decrease. Before bringing it to the serve center here are some steps that you may take to increase the print quality and performance.How to improve the print quality

1. Check Whether the Printheads are Clean

First to Improve the Print Quality is that an inkjet printer only works well if the nozzles in the printhead are clean. To prevent clogging, you must use the printer regularly, otherwise the ink will coke.

Printers keep track of how much they print. If necessary, they use ink to keep the nozzles clean between printing. This cleaning is done automatically when the printer is on.

If there are nevertheless stripes on the print, a nozzle may be clogged. Then start a cleaning cycle yourself via the printer’s menu. Then you print a test page, because you can judge whether all the colors of ink are printed correctly again.

2. Are the Cartridges are All Full?

Are parts in a certain color vague, faded or is the color no longer correct? Then it may also be that your cartridge is almost empty. Replace the cartridge for a better result.

3. Are You Using the Right Paper?

The last check to Improve the Print Quality is that our test printer paper proved how much influence the paper type has on print quality. If you use different paper, you must also choose the correct paper settings for your print job. So check the paper type selection and make sure you do not print in draft quality. Each paper has its own printing speed, and a wrong speed can cause stripes.

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