How to Print from Tablet to Wireless Printer

How to Print from Tablet to Wireless Printer – You can also print documents directly from a tablet if your printer is part of the Wi-Fi network at home. It is even easier with an iPad and a special AirPrint to print from tablet

How to Print from Tablet to WiFi Printer

How to print from tablet; most people have their tablet included in the Wi-Fi network at home, so that they can access the internet wirelessly at home. If a modern WiFi printer uses the same network, you can print wirelessly from the tablet. This requires a special app that is made available by printer manufacturers. You can find them below.

After you have installed the app on your tablet, you can print from various apps, such as the app for photos or word processing. With some printers it is only about photos and PDFs, others also make printing of other documents and web pages possible.

How to Print from Tablet to AirPrint Printer iOS

How to print from tablet; to print directly from an app on iPhone or iPad, you need a special AirPrint printer. A list of suitable printers can be found on the Apple website.
Both the printer and the iPad must be registered on the same WiFi network. You can then print from frequently used apps such as Photos, Safari or Mail. To do this, tap the button with an arrow (print arrow 1 or print arrow 2) and choose the Print option. By tapping Select printer you can select and print your AirPrint printer. A minimum of iOS 4.2 is required to use the AirPrint functionality. The apps on your iPad must have undergone the latest update.

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