How to Replace the Maintenance Kit for HP LaserJet 5si

How to Replace the Maintenance Kit for HP LaserJet 5si – The LaserJet 5si was in the second half of the 1990s, and although the model is no longer manufactured, these printers continue to provide excellent service – especially with proper care and maintenance. The key is to replace the maintenance kit as needed and to keep the printer in good condition. The HP 5Si holds an automatic page number, and if the page number indicates the need for a maintenance kit, the device will show a message that it’s time to order and install a new to replace the maintenance kit for HP LaserJet 5si

Steps How to Replace the Maintenance Kit for HP LaserJet 5si

  1. Turn off the HP LaserJet 5si and allow it to sit for at least one to two hours. The printer fuser unit gets very hot during operation, and you could burn it yourself if you replace the maintenance kit if you do not allow the printer to cool down.
  2. Remove the new fuser cartridge from the maintenance kit and remove all packaging materials. HP uses bright orange spacers and security tape to more easily locate and remove the packaging material.
  3. Open the left side cover of the printer and locate the blue clips that hold the fuser cartridge in place. Tilt these clips down, then carefully slide the used fuser cartridge out of the printer. Disused old fuser for recycling.
  4. Slide the new fuser cartridge into the printer until it clicks into place. Fold the blue clips and lock them into place. If the clips do not tip over, the fuser cartridge is not installed properly. Remove and reinsert the cartridge, flip the clips into place and close the left cover.
  5. Slide out the paper tray until it stops, then carefully lift it on the tray and slide it out of the printer. Set the tray aside.
  6. Inside the HP LaserJet 5si printer, reach out and locate the rollers inside the tray channel. Carefully remove and discard these rollers. Remove the new rollers from the maintenance kit and slide them into place until they click into place and lock. Replace all rollers, then replace the paper cassette. Repeat the process with the other compartment.