How to Reset Ink on HP DeskJet 6980

How to Reset Ink on HP DeskJet 6980 – After refilling an empty HP 6980 cartridge, you will need to reset the cartridge as the printer itself is unable to detect refilled ink tank. The contacts found on the back of the HP cartridge are used to automatically read the ink level, but they only reset when you replace the old cartridge with a new one. 6980 HP printers will not work until your printer detects the refilled cartridge.How to Reset Ink on HP DeskJet 6980

Steps How to Reset Ink on HP DeskJet 6980

1. Place the refilled cartridge in the printer. After running a test print, you will see that the printer does not recognize the refilled ink level and still gives ink message.

2. Remove the refilled cartridge from your HP DeskJet 6980 printer. Take one of the old cartridges and insert it into the printer. Print another page so that the printer recognizes the cartridge as another.

3. Take another cartridge and repeat step 2 with this cartridge. Once you print the alignment page with the third cartridge, the printer will no longer remember the first cartridge (refilled one).

4. The last step how to reset Ink on HP DeskJet 6980 is to put the refilled cartridge back in the printer. The printer will now detect the ink level of the refilled cartridge as full.

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