How to Scan Documents in Different Ways

How to Scan Documents in Different Ways – Everyone needs a copy of a passport, for example. But to purchase a scanner for that single copy. Now that is not necessary either. There are different ways to digitize a document. We list them.How To Scan Documents

Scan Documents with Camera

You can make great copies of documents with a digital camera. Also with the smartphone’s camera. Place the document on the floor and make sure it is flat. Then take a photo right above it. Possibly with flash. Ensure that the text and / or images on the document are sharp. Then transfer the photo to the computer and check if it needs some cropping.

Scan Documents with Apps

Those who have a smartphone can use special scanning apps. They take a photo via the camera on your phone, but the app automatically makes corrections and corrects everything. This means you can simply place the document on the table and digitize it with the app at practically any angle. You don’t necessarily have to hang it directly above it. A good app is Genius Scan.

Genius Scan – Android
Genius Scan – iPhone / iPad

Scan Documents with Own Scanner

We already mentioned it, but for completeness this option should of course not be missing: purchase a scanner. There are separate scanners, but the so-called all-in-one devices are more popular. Three functions are combined: printing, scanning and photocopying.

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