How to Solve Printer Problem in Windows 10

How to Solve Printer Problem in Windows 10 – Is the printer not working properly (anymore) in Windows 10? Don’t just buy a new one, try to solve the problem first. Every new version of Windows brings some teething problems with it. A known problem is that peripherals suddenly stop working. Printers in particular sometimes falter after switching to a new version of Windows. Although not every problem is easy to solve, there are some things you can do to solve printer problem in windows 10

Check the printer

The first action is to check whether the printer is suitable for Windows 10. Older models are no longer always supported. On the website of the printer manufacturer you can often find the Windows for which certain printers are suitable. Can’t get it out? Then ask your question at the manufacturer’s help desk. This can often be accessed via the website, sometimes telephone support is also available. Is the printer not suitable for Windows 10? Then you can also try the following steps. But there is a chance that the printer is too old for the new Windows.

Connect the printer

Now let’s see if your printer has been added to the computer.

–  Click Start> Settings.
–  Click Devices> Printers and Scanners.
–  Is your printer listed under ‘Printers and scanners’? Then read further under the heading ‘Check connection’. Is your printer not listed? Then click Add a printer or scanner.
–  Windows searches for printers. Possibly yours will be found. Is nothing found or is your printer not listed? Then click The printer that I want to use is not in the list.
–  A new window opens. The standard option is’ My printer is slightly older. Help me with search ‘checked. Leave it this way and click on Next.

Your printer may still be found and recognized by Windows.

Check connection

Maybe it’s very obvious, but are all cables connected properly? Many printers are connected to the computer via WiFi. Do you have problems with wireless connected printers? Then connect the printer to the computer via a cable. There are cases where everything suddenly did it again. The WiFi connection did not work properly in Windows 10.

New driver

Each device is controlled by a driver within Windows. This is a program that ensures that communication between Windows and the equipment runs smoothly. It is important to install a driver for your printer that works well under Windows 10. Check the printer manufacturer’s website to see if a new driver is available. Can’t find the driver? Contact the manufacturer and ask if a driver is available and where you can download it. Install the driver and restart the computer.

Solve problems

Windows also has its own function that helps with troubleshooting. It may help to answer How to Solve Printer Problem in Windows 10. This is how it works:

–  Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen.
–  In the search box, type “Control Panel.” Click on Control Panel.
– Under ‘Hardware and sounds’, click View devices and printers.
–  A window opens with the connected devices and printers. Right click on the name of your printer.
–  Click on Troubleshooting in the shortcut menu.
– This is a tool for detecting and correcting problems. Follow the steps. This program may solve the problems.

Run utility

This is how to solve printer problem in windows 10. Have you completed the previous steps and still can’t get out? The ‘problem solver for printers’ can be downloaded from the Microsoft website. Click on the blue link and then choose Run. The tool is downloaded and starts immediately. The instructions are in Dutch. Follow the steps and see if this program solves your printer problems.

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