HP Laserjet 4600DN Troubleshooting

Whether you use your HP LaserJet 4600DN at home or in the office, knowing how to troubleshoot and fix common problems is the best way to keep the printer hum. These printers are prone to a number of questions and learning how to detect and fix these problems can save you a lot of money. The cost of professional service can be quite high for the kind of the printers. so it’s best to learn HP Laserjet 4600DN Troubleshooting yourself.HP Laserjet 4600DN Troubleshooting

HP Laserjet 4600DN Troubleshooting Communication Problems

  1. Log in to your computer and click “Start.” Select “Control Panel” from the menu and double-click on the “System and Maintenance” group.

2. Double-click “Administration” and then “Services”. Scroll down the “Print Spooler” service, right-click and select “Start.”

3. Remove and then reconnect the network cable to restore communication with your network printer. Connect the cable to the printer end and to the wall with the network connection. Replace the network cable if the printer is not communicating.

4. Replace the network card in the 4600DN if the printer is not communicating with the network yet. Bend the handle screws, then pull the card out of the printer. Slide the new card in until it clicks into place, then bend the handle screws to tighten it down.

HP Laserjet 4600DN Print Quality Problems

5. Next step of HP Laserjet 4600DN Troubleshooting is to shut down the printer and remove the power cord from the back. Lift the toner cartridge cover located on the front of the printer.

6. Remove the toner cartridges and set them aside. Sitting the toner on a cloth or paper towel to protect your work surface from leaking.

7. Suck the inside of the printer with a small vacuum cleaner like the kind used to clean computer components. Continue cleaning the printer until all the residue for the paper dust and toner have disappeared.

8. Clean the inside of the printer with a soft cloth to remove any remaining debris. Insert the toner cartridges and send a test page to the printer. Replace the toner cartridges if the print quality is still poor.

How to Fix HP Laserjet 4600DN Jams

9. Pull out the paper cassette and remove all of the paper. Fan the paper thoroughly and pull out any pages that will adhere to each other. The HP 4600DN is very sensitive to moisture in the paper, and this moisture can cause paper jams if the printer is packing more than one sheet at a time.

10. Replace the paper in the tray, but fill it only half to three quarters full. Overfilling the paper tray can cause jams in many HP printers, including the HP LaserJet 4600DN.

11. paper brands change when the jam continues. Use only high quality paper and make sure the paper is stored in a warm, dry place. Handling the paper in a cold room can still cause too much moisture.