HP Laserjet 6p Troubleshooting

HP Laserjet 6p Troubleshooting – The Laserjet 6P is a professional laser printer. It is most often used because of its network capabilities in professional office settings. The HP 6p is often set up as a network printer and allows users to print wirelessly. Another feature of this printer is its ability to print high resolution images in a relatively short time. Although this printer is an HP top tier printer, it is still prone to technical issues. You can fix the printer to try to solve some common problems.hp laserjet 6p troubleshooting

HP Laserjet 6p Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check if the power cord is firmly plugged into a power outlet when the printer is not responding. Also, make sure the printer is turned on and the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the printer’s network port.

2. In this step of HP Laserjet 6p Troubleshooting is to disable all paper jams if you receive a “Paper Jam” error message on your printer LED display. Locate the paper jam. The first place you should look for is the paper feed tray. If there is a jam where paper is fed into the printer, firmly grab the paper and pull it out. If it is not in the Feeder area, you will see the Toner Cartridge section. Open the top cover by pressing down the lid release button. Pull out the toner cartridge and remove the paper jam. Replace the toner cartridge and close the top cover. Try the print job again.

3. Make sure you see the message that reads “Ready” on the printer’s LED screen when you print a job and the printer has not responded. Wait for the printer to display “Ready” before attempting to print again.

4. Cancel all print jobs in the print queue if the printer does not respond. Cancel Job button on the front of the printer that looks like a triangle on the head. Try the print job again.

5. Try to connect your printer to your computer via a cable connection if your printer is printing wirelessly. The HP Laserjet 6p can be connected via a USB cable. Try your print job. If print job succeeds, the problem is probably in the wireless connection.

6. Perform a “power cycle” on your HP Laserjet. To do this, turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Wait a few minutes and plug it in again. Allow the printer to warm up and try the print job again.

7. The last step of HP Laserjet 6p Troubleshooting is to start your computer if the previous steps were unsuccessful. Printing errors may be a problem with your computer and not due to the printer.