Printer does not Respond to Computer

How to fix printer does not respond to computer – Sometimes a printer does respond to a computer after using for sometimes. Before calling or bring to the service center here are some tips you can do.Printer does not respond to computer

Check a number of things if your printer does not respond:

  • Little obvious, but first see if the printer is turned on.
  • Check whether the USB cable is securely connected.
  • Is your printer connected via WiFi? Then check if the printer and laptop are on the same network.
  • In the print queue you can see if the print is still in the queue. There you can also send the print to the printer again.

If is still the printer does not respond to computer,  then check in the configuration screen whether the printer is checked as the default printer. On a Windows PC, check that under ‘Hardware and sounds’ and then ‘Devices and printers’. The default printer is indicated with a green check mark. Some programs, such as PDF writers, install themselves as a standard printer and thus displace the real printer. Right-click on the printer icon and select “Set as default printer” to correct this.

Is your printer no longer in the control panel? Then download the latest version of the driver from the printer manufacturer’s website. Search for the type number of the printer and then look under ‘downloads’ and choose the operating system of your computer. Follow the installation instructions after downloading.

On a Mac, go to System Preferences> Printers.

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