To Fix HP Printer not Feeding Paper by Adjusting Paper Setting

This time we will share how to fix HP Printer does not feeding Paper by Adjust the Paper Settings in the Print Driver. We will make sure the paper settings in the print driver match the settings for the paper you are trying to use.

To Fix HP Printer not Feeding Paper by Adjusting Paper Settings in Print Driver

    1. The first step to fix HP printer, On your computer, return to the document in the program you are trying to print from when the issue occurred.
    2. On your keyboard press ctrl and P to bring up the printing properties window.


    1. Click properties.


    1. When the properties box opens click the paper/quality tab.
    2. Select the paper drop down menu and then choose the appropriate paper size.


  1. Select the media drop-down menu 7. and choose the appropriate paper type,
    8. then click OK at the bottom the properties box. Click ok again to print the document.1 hp printer not pick up paper

Thus the steps to fix HP printer. If the document prints successfully the issue is resolved. If you’ve tried everything described in this site and you still have a problem your printer likely needs some type of service.